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Rémi Clairet

Mr. Clairet is a geological engineer with a Master’ degree in Exploration (UQAC, 2017) and a Master’s degree in Earth Science (UQAC, 2018). He has worked for Laurentia Exploration since the company’s inauguration in spring 2017. Having worked on most of the company’s contracts, his experience and knowledge of Archean metalliferous lands are considerable.  Rémi excels in the geological and metallogenic conceptualization of volcanogenic and, to a lesser extent, orogenic systems. He currently acts as a geology consultant and is in charge of the targeting and modelling of several ongoing or emerging projects. Clairet has been involved in the following successes: Newmetal (Starr Peak Mining, Abitibi, SMV), Hasaga Mine (historically Premier Gold Mines, now Equinox Gold, Ontario, Orogenic Gold).