Laurentia Exploration commits to meeting your expectations to a higher level than industry standards.

Laurentia is a dedicated geoscience services company. The team  has the capabilities to support you from the planning stage through to project operation, by providing consultation, supervison and/or adviing.

Drilling campaign follow-up, supervision and management

The team has the expertise, skills and staff to accomplish every stages of you drilling campaign, from planification to statutory report writing, including logistical aspects and drill core description.

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Exploration, prospection and mapping

Our team is fully informed on Quebec territory geology. Our professionals can hold on your project wherever it is located. Through most intensive support, we will provide you all the available resources or advises needed for your success.

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Geoscience compilation

Laurentia build geoscience compilation on SNRC cuts, regions or areas in order to evaluate a project mineralization potential or for new properties generation

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3D modelling

Our expertise in 3D modelling allow you to visualize your deposit concretely

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The team can brace you with sharp and professionals reports. Our skills cover statutory reports, technical reports or property evaluation, as well as NI 43-101 (with collaboration)

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Qualified staff

For every proposed services, Laurentia Exploration is able to offer you the human resources suitable for your project success.

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Your partner in successful discoveries, we guarantee personalized support for the achievement of your projects geological goals.

Clients and partners

Laurentia Exploration’s team is happy to cooperate with several passionate organizations that share the same values, such as those about geological advising or personalized client accompaniment.